Descent Into Madness: A Week Without Video Games

Image Source: House of Geekery
Image Source: House of Geekery

I am aware that I haven’t posted anything for a bit. Well, I’ve been busy. Terribly busy. A week without video games busy. I know what you’re thinking: Oh, this is serious.

The Shining

It’s been a tough week. Other than playing Binary Domain (a thoroughly odd video game) for about half an hour earlier this week, I’ve had nothing. Nothing. It has really been more than a week (probably two or three) that I’ve been deprived of video games.  I have to say, it’s been an odd experience. Was it an entirely bad experience? Well, no, but it hasn’t been entirely anything. I mean, video games are such a release. They’re incredibly enjoyable; it’s such an incredibly fun hobby to me that I have a blog (as you may have guessed) and read other video games blogs regularly. Well, you know this. You know what I’m talking about.

Strange choice.

So, yeah, I am probably not going to play any video games this week. Or, at least not as much as I would like. Which means you’ll probably see me at the grocery store, listless and bedraggled, trying to muster up strength to purchase some k-cups. “It’ll build character,” you may say. To which I respond: “Yes, but it won’t build any stats.”

Anyways, I thought I’d update all my wonderful readers and I hope this little post accomplished that.

– Game Blog Girl

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without video games? Tell me in the comments below or tweet @gamebloggirl!


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  • Oh, I know the feeling, the longest I spent without playing games was 3 whole months, back in 2010, as I was studying and without a job, and my computer broke, same as my PS3 and I had no money to fix them (had to get a “new” computer after all)…

    • gamebloggirl

      Another person with a three month interval of not playing video games! Goodness. Sounds dreadful!

  • I feel for you playing Binary Domain. The longest amount of time i’ve went without playing a game is about three months.

    • gamebloggirl

      Oh my goodness! How did you survive it?

      • I didn’t have a choice. Where I was there were no video games :]

  • Red Lion

    Hey! I’m happy to see you’re writing again, despite the fact that you weren’t able to write a game review this time. Ah well, I’d rather get honesty and wait for quality than to see a rushed blog get published. 🙂 I hope to be seeing some nice reviews from you in the near future.
    Hmm, as for me, I know I’ve gone several months without play video games. Longer than three, for sure. The sad life of a poor college student.

    • gamebloggirl


  • The PewPew Diaries

    “It’ll build character.”
    “Yes, but it won’t build any stats.”
    Wow. This is gold.

    • gamebloggirl

      Haha, thanks. I thought you would appreciate that! :p

  • about 2 years. The longest drought of my life. PS2 broke, pS1 got stolen, didn’t have a PC then. I had just enough money to scrape by for rent and food and my friends at the time were all stoners,not gamers. I was in a really bad place then lol

    • gamebloggirl

      Haha, it sounds like you were in a very interesting spot!