Game Blog Girl Is Back!


Image Source: The Caroline Johansson Blog

I’ve been away far too long. But let’s not make this awkward.

Okay, so maybe some of you have stopped following my blog. Maybe. You’re probably far too cool to have gone and done something so rash.

You might ask, “How would you know? You’ve been gone for months! Months!”

To which I would reply, “You got me.”

Repartee is not my strong suit. I’ll admit that.

You might also say, “How can I trust this? After your prolonged absence?”

To which I would reply, “C’mooon, man. I’m totes serious.”

To which you would rejoin, “That doesn’t sound very serious.”

And I would retort, “Please stop making me have this hypothetical conversation with myself.”

And, you, being a reasonable figment of my imagination would concede.

Image Source: Rooster Teeth
Image Source: Rooster Teeth

On a serious note, I want to thank everyone who has sent me kind words of encouragement and I want to give a special shout-out to John Heatz, who continued to include me in follow fridays despite my blog’s, well, deadness.  You guys have been so great. You’ve given me the courage to come back and write for this blog.

John Heatz. The Icon. (I’m sorry for the lame joke).

Alright. Enough of that.

I’m back.

It’s a fact.

– Game Blog Girl

(Note:  I’ll be posting something new tomorrow. I’m excited to get back in the game. =])

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  • Glad to see that you’re back! Been away for far too long now, missing a lot of stuff :O Hope you haven’t lost too many readers in the process

    • gamebloggirl

      Thanks! That’s my hope as well. (At least I didn’t miss this year’s E3. That would’ve been just plain sad…) =p

      • but you missed a lot though! But oh well! At least you’re back now, and that means I’ll get back to reading your stuff 😛

        • gamebloggirl

          Yeah, I really have. But I’m excited to be back. =] It’s really cool to see how much your stuff has changed (Gamer’s Sphere is so cool)! Wish I could’ve been around to see it, but I’m sure there will be much more to come.

          • Well, if you wouldn’t have gone all invisible…. 😛 Even the “GTI” project is now dead, and GS took over it!

          • gamebloggirl

            Haha I know, I know.
            GS is so official looking. There’s a login and everything! That’s legitimacy right there. :p

          • That’s the aim!! Hope to see you around more often now!!!

          • gamebloggirl

            Thanks! I won’t disappoint!

  • Red Lion

    Hooray! How exciting!
    Welcome back! I’ll be sure to pop in tomorrow to see what you’ve got. =]

  • Welcome back. It’s too bad that you stopped writing on here. I guess I’m going to miss out on your future articles.