My Beautiful Dark Twisted (Indie Game) Fantas(ies)


The Lunar New Year Steam sale has helped bolster my indie game collection a great deal. I’ve recently purchased indie games I’ve been meaning to get my hands on for quite some time (but had been waiting for a good sale to nab them up). Here’s the thing, something amazing happened with my newly purchased indie games: they all turned out to be both surprisingly beautiful and unexpectedly dark. We’re talking screenshot-once-every-three-minutes beautiful and your-best-friend-dies-in-front-of-your-very-eyes dark.

Click the read more tab to read my somber thoughts and stare at achingly beautiful screenshots of Kingdom, Ori and the Blind Forest and more.

(Beware: spoilers ahead!)

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100 Words or Less: Train On


We all encountered something decidedly odd this (Super Bowl) Sunday. As I was reading Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World — yes, I read a novel instead of actually watching the Super Bowl, I am sorry to reveal to you that I am not a football fan — I heard something familiar fill my ears. Pokemon. I looked up from my book. And what did I see? That’s right, people, you guessed it: Pikachu. Sandwiched between the Budweiser and Doritos commercials was an advertisement celebrating twenty years of Pokemon. I was shocked (pun intended). Shocked. Helen Mirren yelling at me about drunk driving? Not nearly as surprising as the “Train On” Super Bowl spot.

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Limited Edition Uncharted PS4: Feeling Blue


The Limited Edition Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle is available for preorder for $400 as of February 4th. The bundle will include a blue-grey and gold 500 GB PS4, a copy of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and a voucher for digital goodies (which includes Drake’s Fortune Outfit, Golden Weapon Skin and Uncharted Points for Multiplayer Mode).

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Final Fantasy XV Uncovered: A New Hope


Ticket reservation for the Final Fantasy XV event (aptly entitled Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV) hosted by Kinda Funny Games’ Greg Miller and Tim Gettys will become available in less than ninety minutes! Which has me asking the very, very important question, “Why am I so excited?”

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100 Words or Less: Do I Need a PS Vita?


As a PS Plus subscriber, doesn’t it make sense to own a PS Vita? I would get more free games. I’d gain access to a library of Vita-exclusive titles. Seems like an obvious choice, right? Maybe, but a non-Nintendo handheld? Experience has proven that to be a risky investment. You fooled me once with the PSP, Sony, and I’m not likely to forget it any time soon. Back touch? Stop putting touch screens on my gaming systems! The PS Vita’s hardware is amazing. But what does great hardware mean if you don’t have good software to back it up?

Do I need a PS Vita? I simply cannot decide.

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Gravity Rush Remastered Arrives on PlayStation Store


Gravity Rush Remastered, the gravity-defying action-adventure game originally developed for the PS Vita, is available for purchase as of today on the PSN. The original soundtrack comprised of nearly fifty tracks, created by prolific composer Kohei Tanaka, has also been released on the PlayStation store, which is currently listed for $11.99.

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The Seven Prettiest Puzzle Games


Puzzle games tend to be on the beautiful side. Smart developers must realize that the player will spend most of his or her time inspecting, studying and generally staring at their digital surroundings, so you better make it damn beautiful to look at. Whether it be surveying aseptic Aperture Science labs in Portal or navigating derelict spaceships in The Swapper, these video games transport you to ponderously pretty and preposterously puzzling places.  (There are so many astonishingly beautiful games out there so picking only seven was a quite a task!) Here are the seven prettiest puzzle games in my estimation.

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