100 Words or Less: An Ode to Glitches in Deus Ex


My time with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has been… well, in short, a whirlwind. A few of the blood vessels in my eyes are undoubtedly damaged beyond repair. I have most likely developed a life-threatening form of carpel tunnel syndrome in both of my hands. My boyfriend is relatively sure that I am now a deaf mute. Anyway, you get my (exaggerated) point. I’m addicted.


Unfortunately (or thankfully?), I am experiencing a game-breaking glitch, which has been preventing me from finishing the game. Adam goes into the subway, and never comes out. It’s quite sad. But, on the bright side, this bug is prolonging the magnificent stealth-action gameplay. For a few more days, before the deities at Eidos lovingly gift me the patch that will save my poor subway-trapped Adam Jensen, the game is uncompleted. I have time to step back and take a breath before the game sinks its teeth back into me, and addiction takes hold once more. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Or am I just rationalizing a horrible, horrible fate?

(Probably the latter.)

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