Month: October 2013

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Happy Halloween everyone! This Thursday night should be filled with treats, tricks and some spooky games. Here’s my suggestions for video game related activities on All Hallows’ Eve.

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sir-you-are-being-huntedSir or Madam, please take a moment out of your undoubtedly busy Halloween schedule to try one of the most surprisingly entertaining indie games of the year. While Sir, You Are Being Hunted is not as frightening as video games such as Fatal Frame or Outlast it is certainly worth your valuable (Halloween) time.

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We all get the strange urge to play browser games from time to time (despite our spectacular video game collections). Unfortunately, many browser games either aren’t worth your time or are no longer interesting to you. Here are the five surprisingly addictive browser games you should play today.

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I recently pre-ordered a copy of Beyond: Two Souls at my local GameStop after playing a surprisingly entertaining demo of the game a day earlier. What was I met with? A saddened GameStop sales associate who informed me that there would be no midnight event for Beyond as it has not generated enough interest. Unfortunately, I expected that to some extent. I’ve read innumerable articles about the distaste for Beyond‘s lack of meaningful gameplay. I, too, was afraid that Beyond would be a quasi-interactive film and not a real video game. Then it struck me: Beyond will be fun regardless.

October 2, 2013 / / Reviews


Rain, despite all of its alluring imagery, is an adventure of sound. The soft, melancholic piano melodies, the quivering hum of the relentless rain, the faint sound of footsteps on concrete and the lurching slosh of puddles comprise the memorable soundscape. While Rain is fully realized acoustically, everything else seems to fall short. Its puzzles are less inspired than you would hope, its environments are limited and its story leaves something to be desired. Final Score: 7/10