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September 9, 2013 / / Indie Games
September 1, 2013 / / Lists

We all have had wonderful memories associated with gaming marathons filled with energy drinks, popcorn, honey barbecue fritos, pizza bites and the like. Most of us also have horrific memories associated with the aftermath of such reckless behavior.

Why God, why?
Why God, why?

August 30, 2013 / / Indie Games

The days of Dreamcast have come and gone and since then there has been a serious (okay, not that serious) lack of unique games. Unfortunately, neither awesome alien dance competitions nor subversive roller-skating-graffiti-making teens ever caught on (to everyone’s dismay). Lately, however, there have been some very interesting, unusual and beautiful gaming experiences made possible by the increased popularity of indie games. Here are the top five of this generation by my estimation.

1.) Journey

No mini-map, no hud, no narration, just a journey.