8 Indie Games to Keep an Eye On


PAX  2013 has gotten everyone excited for the new indie games in development. Here are 8 indie titles you should keep an eye on.

1.) Daylight

Image Source: Zombie Studios

Daylight is a survival horror game in which you play as a helpless heroine who uses the illumination from her smartphone to navigate an abandoned hospital. Sounds scary enough, right? Well, also take into consideration that the environment is procedurally generated so every time you start a new game, you’ll be in a new (yet similar) environment. According to the game’s official website, you’ll even experience different encounters. If this idea is executed properly, Daylight could be relentlessly horrifying.

2.) Dream

Image Source: HyperSloth

Will be available on: PC (Windows)

Technically Dream has already been released for Early Access on Steam but it’s still in Alpha. Basically, you travel through the dreams of an aimless man in hopes to discover meaning. Dream is supposed to be non-linear with multiple ways to explore the dreams, and boasts various endings that are possible which depend on your interactions within the dreams. Dream has a lot of potential but we’ll have to wait and see it fulfills its lofty goals.

3.) Godus

Image Source: 22Cans

Will be available on: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Godus is also available via Early Access, but is said to be fully completed sometime next year. It purports to reinvent the god game, which is a pretty substantial claim. You can craft your own utopia and  challenge other gods to gain influence over other regions. Let’s hope it plays as well as it sounds.

4.) Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Image Source: Young Horses

Will be available for: PC (Windows, Linux, Mac) via Steam and direct download & PS4

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is already on most everyone’s radar but I would be remiss to not mention it. You play as a husband and father who is secretly an octopus. The gameplay revolves around performing everyday tasks that prove exceedingly difficult for a cephalopod. You fumble around while trying to remain inconspicuous, hoping no one will suspect anything.  It looks simply charming.

5.) Project Phoenix

Image Source: Project Phoenix

Will be available on: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) via Steam and direct download, PS4 & Vita

Project Phoenix (which currently still has a couple day’s of its Kickstarter campaign left) will be a squad-based RTS game with many JRPG elements which will be available sometime mid-2015. Many have complained of  a lack of innovation within the JRPG genre and hopefully this will reinvigorate the genre with some fresh ideas. There isn’t too much available yet other than concept art so we’ll have to keep a close eye on this one and see how it develops.

6.) Contrast

Image Source: Compulsion Games

Will be available on: Steam, Xbox 360, PS3 & PS4

In Contrast you play as a “shadow-shifting” woman living in the 1920s who can go between 3D and 2D worlds (by flattening herself  into a shadow) in order to solve puzzles. Contrast looks like an interesting little platformer with jazz-age inspired style and (possibly) heartfelt story. Contrast very well could be a (future) gem.

7.) Always Sometimes Monsters

Image Source: Devolver Digital

Will be available on: PC

In Always Sometimes Monsters you play as someone (gender, race and sexual preference are up to you) trying to win back the love of his or her life who is currently engaged to someone else. There is no combat or magic, only action or inaction. You make decisions and live with the consequences. The game seems like it has a high replay value since, according the the official website, you will be treated differently based on your gender, race and sexual preference chosen in addition to the choices made throughout the game.

8.) Cosmic Star Heroine

Image Source: Zeboyd Games

Will be available on: PC

Cosmic Star Heroine is a retro sci-fi adventure with an ineffable cheesy appeal. You play as a galactic government’s top agent who is tasked with fighting villains. It’s classic turn-based RPG  combat with 2D pixel glamour. It’s still in the very early stages but it’ll be exciting to see how this game progresses.

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