The Wild Worlds of Terry Cavanagh


A look at some of the lesser-known games by the VVVVVV and At a Distance developer Terry Cavanagh.

After reading this article by GamesRadar I was compelled to look into the experimental mini-rpg Hero’s Adventure created by the well-known indie developer Terry Cavanagh, which led me to discover more intriguing games from his collection. The outcome? A few refreshing, if sometimes confounding, experiences that deserve your attention.

Hero’s Adventure

In Hero’s Adventure you play as a young boy who ventures out into the neighboring forest in hopes of finding danger and excitement. Hero’s Adventure is incredibly short (I ended up finishing it within two to three minutes) but do not let that discourage you from giving it a try. The music is uncommonly delightful. In fact, the music is enough to merit a playthrough on its own. The game’s real appeal lies elsewhere however, and you’ll have to play it to find out. It’s a seemingly standard “adventure” that’s more clever than you expect.


ChatChat is an online multiplayer game in which you experience life as cat. This game is such a lovable little experiment as it beguiles with its charming premise and cute graphics. ChatChat is a peculiar bauble that arouses a curiosity that’s worth investigating. Moreover, there are actually people online still playing ChatChat so you are not stuck playing it alone.

Don’t Look Back

Don’t Look Back is considerably more popular than the games listed above (in fact, you may know Terry Cavanagh from this one), but it is definitely still worth mentioning.
Don’t Look Back is an infuriatingly difficult (and exceptionally fun) platformer that appears to be based on the myth of Orpheus. Despite its simplicity, the game retains a strange beauty as it is obviously very carefully crafted. Its stark pixel art, somber music and simple gameplay combine to make one wonderfully unique game. You might not stick with Don’t Look Back considering its difficulty but it is undoubtedly worth an attempt.

Ultimately, I am not able to articulate why these games are fascinating; you simply have to experience them yourself. They will leave an indelible impression on you regardless of your taste in video games. So, don’t wait: play them now. You won’t regret it.


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