Everything You Need to Know About Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2


I, like everyone else (on Steam, that is), logged dozens of hours into Dragon Ball Xenoverse. I couldn’t get enough of the game that reminded me of the glee of binge-watching bootleg VHSes of the extraterrestrial kungfu show in my childhood room. Never before did a Dragon Ball game demand my attention, or even garner my attention for that matter. The developers over at Dimps seemed to understand what made Dragon Ball Z so great; the kinetic action, the farcical dialogue and nonsensical story, the unapologetic assault on sound and vision. Xenoverse finally felt like the show.

Luckily for Dragon Ball fans, Bandai Namco is releasing a sequel to the near-perfectly-formulated game. But, you might ask, “What else could they add to such a feature-packed game?”

I’ve compiled a list of answers to questions just like that (so you may be able to get your own personal hype train going at full speed) along with everything else you need to know before Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 hits the shelves in late October.

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