Game Blog Girl Is Moving

On to new adventures!

UPDATE: Game Blog Girl is back on! So this post is somewhat irrelevant now… so just move along!

Game Blog Girl has been unmasked! She’s still back, she’s just somewhere else. Read on to find out what any of this could possibly mean.

So, this is a bit awkward. Just one day ago I told you readers that I was coming back and that you should expect regular blog posts from me. While all of that is still (technically) true, you’ll have to go over to Gamers Sphere to see my articles.

The coolest place on the internet.

That’s right: I’m going to be writing for Gamers Sphere now, and I’m elated to join the talented and dedicated team. There’s just one caveat. I won’t be writing for Game Blog Girl anymore. I’m making a full move over to Gamer’s Sphere, and I hope you’ll make the move with me. I’ll still be writing the same old Game Blog Girl articles (the only difference is that I’ll be using my real name). Yes, you read that parenthetical statement correctly! I’ve been unmasked!

Many have speculated it: Jacqueline Carter is Game Blog Girl. Game Blog Girl is, in fact, Jacqueline Carter. There you have it.


– Game Blog Girl



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