Gamers Prefer PS4 Controller?

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We are getting ever closer to the release of the highly anticipated new generation and already gamers appear to favor the PS4 controller. How are gamers reaching this conclusion?

Now, don’t get the wrong idea from the Game Blog Girl icon. I may sport a stylized dualshock 3 controller on my website, but this belies my true feelings about this gen’s best controller. I find the Xbox 360 controller to be more comfortable, more ergonomic, more precise and overall more enjoyable a controller than the PS3’s. However, the Xbox 360 controller is still not my favorite for shooters (blasphemy, right?); that would be keyboard and mouse. I mean, PC really is the way to go when it comes to most games. But, I digress.

The point is: the Xbox 360 currently has the best controller for consoles by a very large margin. Xbox simply needed to change the flawed D-pad and their controller would be virtually perfect. Which they did, and it only cost them approximately 100 million dollars to do so. To be fair, they also claim to have made around 40 other changes, according to this video. Including things such as more precise rumble motors that replicate different sensations by differentiating intensities of force feedback.

It seems then that FPS fans would flock to the Xbox One since the Xbox One controller is considered an improvement on the best gaming controller currently available, according to those who have been able to handle it. The PS4 controller seems like it wouldn’t have a chance, especially considering Sony’s history with these things. However, according to this article, the majority of gamers, nearly 74%, actually prefer the PS4 controller. Why is this? The pretty lights on the back? The nifty share button?

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You can see that the dualshock 4 is much meatier than its predecessor; it’s bigger, wider and fuller. The dualshock 4 does not differ too much in size from the Xbox One with these improvements. You can also notice from this picture that the analog sticks each have a ridge that lines its concave thumb-pad. Additionally, the analog sticks are spaced a tad further.

And, of course, the addition of the touchpad (that also serves as a clickable button). I think gamers have found this functionality very intriguing, especially considering the news that you will be able to pet a dog using the touchpad in the upcoming Valiant Hearts game (What!? That’s a little too wonderful). What other interesting ideas could be utilized with this feature? It appears that most gamers think that there are more possibilities than mere gimmicks.

One other huge addition: headset jack. Why is this huge (other than the obvious reasons)? As you’ve probably heard, Sony is bundling a headset with the PS4. Finally, online co-op could be fun and facile on the PlayStation.

Image Source: Tech Radar

Hallelujah. The triggers are concave and imitate actual, well, triggers. Sony has fixed the biggest problem (of many) of the dualshock 3 simply by designing the triggers intuitively. There’s also been a small addition of L and R to to the shoulder buttons. A small refinement, but a refinement nonetheless.

You can also see the “Share” label in this shot. The ability to instantly share your awesome shenanigans in Killzone instantly with friends sounds magnificent. Because that’s the kind of generation we are. I’m only kind of kidding.

It’s apparent that the dualshock 4 is a massive improvement on a mediocre controller. However, I’m not sure these improvements and additions quite explain why the polled gamers prefer the dualshock 4 controller to Xbox One’s controller. I thought the Xbox One controller would certainly win gamers over with the precise rumble motors, for example. Is it possible that the Xbox One’s initial DRM policies could manifest itself into hate for its controllers? Or has the dualshock 4 honestly surpassed, not only the Xbox 360’s, but also the Xbox One’s? Perhaps the Xbox One is just too uncomfortable looking? I suppose we won’t know until we get our hands on these things. We won’t know how these controllers (quite literally) shape up until then.

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