Happy Halloween!


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Happy Halloween everyone! This Thursday night should be filled with treats, tricks and some spooky games. Here’s my suggestions for video game related activities on All Hallows’ Eve.

Things you should totally (at least consider) doing:

– Go read my Outlast review, I made it just the way you like it.

– If you have already read the review, why don’t you play the game already? October 31st is the perfect day to go on a terrifying adventure.

– Go read my article about Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

– Okay, you don’t have to keep reading my articles, but it would be quite nice of you to try, don’t you think?

– Don’t know why I made the last thing a bullet point.

– I guess these aren’t bullet points as much as they are little dashes.

– Look at this picture of the President and the First Lady:

Image Source: Barack Obama's official twitter
Image Source: Barack Obama’s official twitter

– Go watch Marble Hornets on YouTube for as long as you require. Which is at least half an hour.

marble_hornets– Watch V/H/S and V/H/S 2. It’s wildly goofy and you probably haven’t seen them, which is a problem.

– Go on over to 1001-Up and watch some of the videos on the Scare-Up articles.

That’s all I have for you, guys. I know, I wish I could guide you a bit more, but I simply can’t. The rest is up to you.

Happy Halloween, guys! May your days be scary and bright (sorry guys, I really couldn’t resist for some reason).

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