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We all encountered something decidedly odd this (Super Bowl) Sunday. As I was reading Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World — yes, I read a novel instead of actually watching the Super Bowl, I am sorry to reveal to you that I am not a football fan — I heard something familiar fill my ears. Pokemon. I looked up from my book. And what did I see? That’s right, people, you guessed it: Pikachu. Sandwiched between the Budweiser and Doritos commercials was an advertisement celebrating twenty years of Pokemon. I was shocked (pun intended). Shocked. Helen Mirren yelling at me about drunk driving? Not nearly as surprising as the “Train On” Super Bowl spot.

There you have it people, approximately one hundred words on the most important (video game-related) Super Bowl! Here’s the commercial if you happened to miss it:

Thanks for reading! What was your favorite Super Bowl ad — and why was it Pokemon?


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  • Kristel

    Haha I’ll tell you why my favorite Super Bowl ad was Pokemon!

    Truthfully, I just want some honest to goodness Pokemon revival. When I first saw this ad I forgot about everything and for a brief moment (okay, pretty much until the end) I thought, “This is it… They’re finally going to announce Pokemon virtual reality!”

    Unfortunately it’s not the first time this has happened to me.

    But I am glad that they integrated it with the super bowl and the idea of following your dreams. I thought the comercial was creative and refreshing, I just wish they were announcing something awesome (other than for a “we’ve milked this for a decade and a half now” anniversary).

    Virtual reality Pokemon. Get with the program people.

    • GameBlogGirl

      It does seem like it should have been coupled with an amazing announcement! I wonder if Game Freak has something up their sleeve! 😮

      • Kristel

        I hope so!

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