100 Words or Less: Virtual Becoming Reality


I have been a bit skeptical of VR in the past. I’ve tried to contain my excitement over Oculus Rift and Sony VR for fear of disappointment. In my mind the technology was too ambitious to get my hopes up. Over the years I’ve seen the Oculus Rift dev kit videos on YouTube, read the articles praising it. I’ve even seen the technology improve over a few short years, and witnessed other technologies take VR further, technologies like Virtuix Omni. As time has worn on,  I can no longer deny the possibility of virtual reality becoming, well — a reality.

There you have it. Ninety-nine words regarding VR. Hope you enjoyed! Tell me your thoughts about VR in the comments or tweet @gamebloggirl!


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  • Kristel

    While I’m thrilled to see virtual reality becoming a reality, I’m a little curious as to how they expect this to be used. I mean, the track pad (for lack of a better word) is gigantic, do they expect it to be a somewhat common household item? Thank goodness guitar hero, Dance Dance, and the Wii all helped to pave the way for homes to have some oddly shaped, sizeable equipment just for video games, but this is something else. (What if you’re a tiny lesbian, with no one to bring that through the door? Does that even fit through the door, or will virtual reality be more of a shopping mall gimmick? Heaven forbid!) Will we still have to wait for the moment that virtual reality technology can be sized down to Virtual Boy standards?

    Regardless, I am very excited to see what the future will bring.