5 Reasons a Female Link Would Be Awesome


Everyone’s been talking about the spectacular looking Zelda Wii U game. For good reason, too. Because — and I believe I mentioned this earlier — it is spectacular looking. 

Also, the game is purportedly open-world. Open what, you might exclaim.  Yep, you read correctly. A beautifully-rendered watercolor world that’s completely free to explore in a Zelda title. That’s pretty amazing.

The sneak peek of the new Legend of Zelda game that Nintendo’s Digital Event gave us sparked something unexpected as well. The character featured in the snippet of gameplay looks undeniably feminine. Is it Link? Is Link female? Is Link even a girl’s name? (Admittedly, the last question has only been asked by me.)

I was surprised to find a strong negative reaction to the possibility of a female Link from Legend of Zelda fans. I can understand diehard fans resisting alterations to beloved characters. But c’mooon. There’s at least five reasons a female Link would be awesome. Read on to find out what they are.

If you haven’t already, take a quick look at the E3 trailer. According to Aonuma, the graphics are in-game. If he’s to be trusted (I personally can’t trust a man with that many vowels in his name) then the game is visually impressive. Anyway, take a moment to gawk all over this trailer.

Okay, now that you’ve looked at a bunch of beautiful images, let’s get to the reasons (in no particular order) a female link would be awesome.


1.) The franchise needs a breath of fresh air

A gimmick is a gimmick. They don’t age well. But switching the Link’s gender would be more than a gimmick. It’d be something truly new. And while I’ve always been a fan of the series, there has been a serious lack of “newness.” I mean, Zelda still doesn’t have voice acting. Maybe with a female protagonist the game could actually be voiced. Think about it: without preconceived notions about Link (like what Link should sound like), the game could feel like something unique.  I, like the rest of the internet, loved Ocarina of Time, but the Zelda franchise as a whole has to stop living in its shadow. Change is good. Change keeps things interesting.


2.) Timeline possibilities

I have to be straightforward with you: I know next to nothing about Zelda’s timeline (really nothing other than I know it exists). What could this mean for the timeline? The hero doesn’t always have to be male. What else could the hero be? How are the heroes really connected if not by gender, creed or age? Like I said, I don’t know much about the timeline, but I think switching up the timeline could introduce new and interesting questions about it.


3.) Female gamers could feel more included

I don’t have to play as my own gender to feel included. Still, I’m aware of how underrepresented women are in video games. If there is an option to play as a female in a video game, I always opt for it. I mean I really don’t mind if the main character in a video game is male.  I have to say, I do get tired of the same white, mid-thirties, dark-haired protagonist (thankfully Link does not fit that) so any change is appreciated on some level.


4.) Link and Princess Zelda could be the same person

Whoa. Mind blown.

If Link is female then the twist of the Zelda Wii U title could be that Link is the Princess. Of course in that version, Link/Zelda wouldn’t save herself…? I’m sorry I confused myself with my own strange theory. Or maybe she could save herself but it’d be in a Bioshock Infinite way. I’m just spitballing here. You get the point.

It’s preposterous but it is sort of awesome if you don’t think about it too long.


5.) Another character for Super Smash Bros.

Female Link could totally be an awesome (I don’t think I’ve said this word enough yet) Super Smash Bros. character.

I just solved all of Nintendo’s problems with that gem.


What do you think about a female Link? Do you care? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Drakulus

    I’m actually against a female Link, but not against a female protagonist in a Zelda game. How awesome would it be to play a co op Zelda game? I think Link should stay male and they’ve better give him a voice already. This silent protagonist thing has gotten really old.

    • GameBlogGirl

      Yeah, co-op would be pretty cool. =o
      Anyhow, I agree they really do need to get some voice acting into the series. I don’t care what Link sounds like, just give him a voice already! :p

      • Drakulus

        I know right. Most hardcore Zelda fans are grown men and women. Some good voice acting and more mature elements would be great, but I doubt that would ever happen.

        Zelda is a great franchise, but there’s only so much you can do if you refuse to innovate your games.

    • bigcountry

      No voice for Link >.< Look what happened when they gave Samus a voice it ruined it….manly because the voice acting was crap but still.

      • Yelsah Blah

        I’m with you, I don’t need Link to have a voice. perfectly fine with his noises.

        • Xizziano

          That sounded totally sexual

  • Kristel

    I agree, I think it’d be a great way to innovate the game. Besides, Aonuma said he wanted to put a new spin on every Legend of Zelda game that he makes – that’s why the new Hyrule Warriors is going to be a Zelda-themed Dynasty warriors game.
    He also said that he’d test the waters for this “female protagonist idea” using Hyrule Warriors, since you can play as other characters. But how can you gauge whether girls want a female protagonist for the Zelda games when (let’s face it) that game is going to blow? The storyline and gameplay of The Legend of Zelda appeals to girl gamers and boys alike, but Dynasty Warriors is usually more interesting to guys.
    Either way, I just think Nintendo likes to shoot itself in the foot.
    But it’d be cool if the gender remained ambiguous throughout the whole game – I bet that’d drive everyone crazy. What’s the big deal, anyway? It’s just gender.
    So yeah, they should make a female Link – or at least quit whining about how they have trouble coming up with new ideas for The Legend of Zelda, if they’re not going to take it. It’s a new character derived from the same bloodline in every game anyway! Why can’t it be a girl?

    • GameBlogGirl

      I like the idea of the gender being ambiguous! That would totally drive some people nuts. =o
      I dunno, I think playing as a female Link would be a really cool thing. Then Link could be totally different for each game. Again, I really don’t mind what Link’s gender is, it’s sort of negligible to the game as a whole. But I think it could be fun. =]

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  • bigcountry

    Link is the guy Zelda is the woman.If they want Zelda to take the mantle of a game so be it but no female Link please.Don’t get me wrong i have nothing against female protagonists but its like a tradition in The Legend of Zelda and just wouldn’t feel right to me.Like making Samus a male would be totally wrong same goes for this.

  • Heather

    I love the idea of Link actually being Zelda. That when the kingdom is in peril, you as Link save the kingdom. At the end of the game Link reveals herself as being Zelda. It would be a good surprise at the end of the game for the gamer.

    • GameBlogGirl

      Thanks for the comment!

      That sounds like an awesome idea! 🙂

    • Xizziano

      So who was like k talking to in lot?

  • Nick Parker

    Unfortunately there is an extremely high chance we won’t see a female link in any game other than one that goes after the current timeline. Ganon, Zelda, and Link are bound by the goddess to come back as the same person until their destiny is realized. This information was explained in Skyward sword for the Wii pretty early on in the story. In no timeline has that destiny been realized so all the characters are still bound by the goddess to be the same gender, race, and personality. I’m not against a game where Zelda stars as the main character and saves herself. There is actually a point in the timeline where that could work. The era without a hero, which comes after the adult timeline in ocarina of time and before wind waker, could have Zelda as a heroine that defeats Ganon instead of link. We all know Ganon comes back but that doesn’t mean Zelda can’t defeat him or at least appear to defeat him.

    • Heather

      Maybe Zelda being the hero is her destiny and the cycle will break.

      • Nick Parker

        The cycle cannot break however a new cycle can be started when the first cycle ends. It is mentioned in Spirit tracks that the Cycle is at an end. The only way for zelda to become the new hero of hyrule is if it comes at the end of a timeline. The current point where i see a game where zelda being the hero of the game would be after spirit tracks.

  • Yelsah Blah

    No. NO. No. I do not want my Link being gender swapped. Just give us a game with Zelda being a more key role. NO FEMALE LINK. Sweet mercy, what’s next? A female James Bond? It’s totally OKAY for not every thing to be femanized. Leave my LoZ games be.

  • Xizziano

    Sjw’s irritate me to no end. Wants srong female characters- complains they’re too sexy or they get beat up by men.
    Dead *cough* Alive *cough*

    Back on topic changing links gender is an insult or necessary, Zelda has an alter ego already- sheik
    just make a co-op game with sheik or somethin.