100 Words or Less: Ripe E3 Hype


E3, arguably the biggest annual event in gaming, is nearly — I’m using the word “nearly” very loosely here — upon us and the internet is already abuzz with pre-E3 commentary. It’s impossible to ignore the sheer volume of E3-related opinion pieces, wishlists and speculation-laden YouTube videos.

Isn’t it a bit early to board the hype train? How many articles on Fallout 4 do we really need? I can sum up each and every Fallout 4 article right here, right now: “Fallout 4 announcement at the Bethesda Conference!?” There you go.

Everyone likes to get pumped for big events like this one… but I think this hype may be overripe.

There’s my fun-sized blog post about E3 hype. Hope you enjoyed it!

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