Five Surprisingly Addictive Browser Games


We all get the strange urge to play browser games from time to time (despite our spectacular video game collections). Unfortunately, many browser games either aren’t worth your time or are no longer interesting to you. Here are the five surprisingly addictive browser games you should play today.

5. Burrito Bison

Burrito Bison shouldn’t be fun, but somehow it is. You play a wrestler who is launched into the air and must run into certan objects to maintain his momentum. Basically, you just squish gummy bears and collect money. I can’t even to begin to explain why I can’t stop playing it when I start. It’s pretty popular so you have probably played it and therefore probably know what I mean. If you haven’t go play it now and see if you can resist buying every single upgrade.

4. Infectonator 2


This game has a simple concept: infect the world, one city at a time. Infectonator 2 consumed way too much of my time. It’s got the cutest sense of humor, adorable sprites and fun little melodies. It’s almost like Tiny Tower meets World War Z. It’s got tons of things to buy and upgrade and the main campaign (world domination mode) takes quite a bit of time. Also, there’s a Michael Jackson zombie, and while all the thriller jokes are tired, it is somehow cute in this little browser game.

3. Cookie Clicker


There’s no real objective in Cookie Clicker other than to attain cookies. Click the cookie to get more cookies. That’s it. Create an army of grandmothers to bake for you, buy cursors to click for you or just buy a portal to the cookieverse. The choice (and the cookie) is yours.

2. A Dark Room


I really can’t tell you much about this game without spoiling it entirely. Start playing it and be patient. The game gets surprisingly complex within a few minutes, but starts with very, very simple gameplay. Once you enter A Dark Room, I promise you that you won’t be able to to exit.

1. Candy Box



Candy Box is a very popular browser game, so you’ve probably already played it (or at least heard of it). Again, this game surprises you with its depth; it may seem like a trite browser game that isn’t worth more than 15 minutes of time, but in reality it is one of the best browser games you’ll find out there. I’m not going to spoil Candy Box for you, so you’ll just have to play it.

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