Liebster Award: Part III!



I’m elated to announce that I have been nominated for another Liebster award from the blogger extraordinaire, drakulus23. He asked some great questions, so let’s see some answers!

1) Do you play board games? If so then what’s your favorite one?

A: I don’t really play board games anymore. I loved The Game of Life as a child. I have no idea why.

2) If you had one day left to live what would you do? Where would you go?

A: I would go to Costa Rica and eat mamones chinos (rambutan) until my stomach exploded.

3) What game are you most looking forward to?

A: This is such a difficult question. I’m probably going to have to go with Half-Life 3.

4) What’s your favorite retro game of all time?

A: The original Mario or Mortal Kombat.

5 ) What’s your favorite current gen game of all time?

A: I can’t pick one, so here’s five: BioShock, Resonance of Fate, Valkyria Chronicles, Journey, Half-Life 2.

6) If you could direct a movie what would it be about?

A: A Midwestern girl moving to a farm in Mississippi. It would not be a happy story, as you can imagine.

7) Horror movie scenario: You’re walking down a dark alley and you see Jason, and Micheal Myers waiting for you. You turn to run but Leather face, and Pinhead are standing right behind you. What do you do? How will you get away?

A: I would acquire the rights to film this. I’m guessing after that everything would just work out.

8) Are you celebrating Halloween this year? If you are what are you doing?

A: Of course! Horror movie marathon.

9) What’s your favorite game soundtrack?

A: It’s BioShock, Portal 2 or Journey. Can’t decide.

10) Who’s your favorite game character?

A: Leon Kennedy.

11) Name five things you do on a boring day.

A: In no particular order: play guitar, blog-related activities, read, play video games, watch movies.

Another 11 questions answered! You can see my original nominations and facts here, if you’re interested. Thanks again to drakulus23 for the nomination! If you haven’t checked out drakulus23‘s blog, you totally should, by the way. It’s just what you need right now, trust me.

– Game Blog Girl


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