100 Words or Less: Dark Souls 3 (Spoiler-Free) DLC


Dark Souls 3 is one of those games that destroys your life. A game that not only demands masochistic level grinding, but implants the desire to do it deep within you. In other words, the game is pure evil. And I haven’t had as much fun dying (over and over and over again) in quite a long time.

We are nearing the first (and highly-anticipated) DLC drop: Ashes of Ariandel. We will be gifted with this lovely expansion in only a month (October 25th, to be exact). And already, we’re bombarded with spoilers. Only a few days ago, From Software released a gameplay trailer with a spoiler warning. (In true From Software fashion to dangle a shiny orb [trailer] beside a gruesome monster [spoilers].) I don’t care what delicious spoilers await; I am not partaking! As much as I love Dark Souls, and I as much as I would love to glean some new information on the upcoming Ashes of Ariandel, I am averting my eyes (at least for now… while my willpower is still strong). This is a fire I am not yet kindling.

Hope you enjoyed this 100 words or less article. Here’s the link to the spoiler-ific trailer if you happen to be too interested to stop yourself.

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