100 Words or Less: More Multiplayer JRPGs, Please


ni-no-kuni-multiplayerI enjoy a good old-fashioned single player experience as much as the next guy, and I dislike it when developers insert multiplayer components into their game as an afterthought. When the attempt is disingenuous, it is, at best, awkward and, at worst, irritating, and may lead to arbitrarily forcing player interaction (a la Bravely Default) , but I wouldn’t mind a little more company in the world’s loneliest genre.

I would willingly suffer through some honest experimentation with multiplayer JRPGs, if it would mean that someday I’ll be able to play high-quality couch co-op with my level grinding-loving, quantified damage-reading buddies.


That’s my plea for multiplayer JRPGs in 100 words. Oh, and by the way, Bravely Default — although mentioned in a disparaging way in context of this article — is a stupendous JRPG and one of the best 3DS games available. All right… end of disclaimer.

What’s your experience with co-op JRPGs? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Tell me in the comments below or tweet @gamebloggirl!


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  • Drakulus

    JRPGS are a dying genre. Three aren’t many because they don’t sell well. As far as FF14 goes I would never subscribe to that game. There are better MMO’s out there worth my 15 bucks.

    The best JRPGs are on the 3DS right now. Bravely Default reminds me too much of Final Fantasy so I didn’t bother with it.

    I love Etrian Odyssey to death though and the spin off game was good too. I wouldn’t mind playing another Lost Odyssey game too, but as far as a multiplayer JRPG game goes I honestly don’t see myself playing any. There is an MMO called Alantica. It’s the only MMO that has classic turned based JRPG combat.

    • GameBlogGirl

      Yeah, I agree with you, the best JRPGs are on the 3DS at the moment. I personally love Bravely Default, though. But I am a Final Fantasy fan. 🙂
      I’m actually not a big MMO fan… I would like to see JRPGs with co-op, where one of my friends can jump in and play as one of my party members or our separate parties can team up or something fun like that. That being said, I’ll defs give Atlantica a try. 😮

      • Drakulus

        Atlantica is pretty old and I have no idea how many people still play it. Honestly a co op JRPG sounds pretty dull to me. I know none of my friends would want to play a turn based game in co op. The gameplay in JRPGs has been the same since the 90’s. You wait your turn and perform an action. They need to innovate.

        Another problem I have with them is always the dialogue, characters, and heavy reliance on Anime. I think that’s why they never do good outside of Japan. The last good selling Final Fantasy game was years ago. Square Enix is finally trying to change the series and I wish them luck with that.

        I do love certain JRPGs though. Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and the old Phantasy Star games are some of my favorite games to play.

        • GameBlogGirl

          Yeah, the anime stuff can get pretty annoying, but I usually end up skipping cutscenes (if possible).

          Yeah… JRPGs have gone largely unchanged, but turn-based games are so relaxing sometimes. It seems like it’d be a fun timewaster with friends (with local co-op). Multiplayer JRPGs would be perfect for sitting and chatting with your friends while you play… I just see some potential there!

          Square Enix does seem to be changing things up a bit. I played the Final Fantasy XV demo and loved it. It played more like XII so it was (relatively) fast-paced.

          • Drakulus

            If I want to relax while I play a game I’ll boot up Total War or Civilization V. My friends and I can hotseat Civilization V and it’s a lot of fun. Gameplay in JRPGs are the opposite of fun to me. I literally get bored if I play them for too long. Another thing I don’t like is when I find a new armor set in a JRPG my character’s appearance don’t change.

            We shouldn’t want to skip cutscenes in a game though. We should be sucked into the story and characters. That hasn’t happened to me in a JRPG since Lost Odyssey and before that Phantasy Star 1-4.